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New Release:

The Woodcarver's Snow-kissed Christmas!!

The Woodcarver's Snow-kissed Christmas is the prequel to The Shopkeeper's Widow and The Dollmaker's Daughter. It tells the story of Ann Wright and Reed Archer.  Field and Amity's parents. Available at all your favorite ebook stores!

Reed Archer is a man with a past. His new-found faith in God will not be believed by those who know his history.

Ann Wright is a woman who wants to control her future. Her skill as an artist drives her need to be independent when women usually must rely on the men in their lives to make decisions for them. 

Can a risky proposition at Christmastide make them see each other in a new light and bring a happily-ever-after for a both of them?

"James does an excellent job of crafting a fast-paced and warm-hearted Christmas romance." 

~B. M. Britton on Goodreads


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The Yorktown Christmas Time Travel Series

Now you can get all three Yorktown Christmas Time Travel novellas in one place. Plus an bonus short story. The Conservatory shares how Max's conservatory came into being!  


Trapped in his conservatory for 250 years by the curse of an enraged woman, Max appears to Olivia just before Christmas. 

Olivia is a young woman waiting for the right man to recognize her strengths and talents. 

Can Olivia help Max break the curse without breaking her heart?


Garrett Tyler thought he was leaving Ballard House for home, secure in the knowledge that love had finally won-out for his long-time friend Olivia. He steps out the door and into the past, 1769 to be exact. While finding his bearings Garrett stumbles upon a beautiful woman being attacked. He makes sure she gets home and because of his kindness, she allows him to stay in an outbuilding—even believing his time travel story—while he figures out how he will get back to his life in the future. The more time they spend together, the deeper friendship they build, but one thing is going to rip her world apart.

Mercy Hansford is a confidant, independent woman running her own tailor shoppe. Her world is shaken when she is brutally attacked after delivering one of her sought-after shirts. The consequences of this night could be more far-reaching than either of them can guess.

Should Mercy trust a man she barely knows?


Dr. Rita Woods thought she was going back in time to save the children. She didn’t count on falling in love.

Rita Woods—retired physician, widow, with a granddaughter about to be married—misses her patients. She’s tired of knitting. She wants to do something that makes a difference again. When Max Ballard and his time-traveling conservatory pop in to her life, the voice of Dr. Josiah Jones’ diary calls. The voice who’d inspired her vocation. The last line of the diary haunts her quiet moments:

“…the children succumbed in the night…”

In 1769 Dr. Josiah Jones has a good life. His practice is thriving and, except for the the guilt he carries over the death of his wife, life couldn’t be any better. His biggest worry is the zealous match-making activities of his best friend…that is until a hurricane throws an unexpected guest on his doorstep. 

Can Josiah trust a woman from the twenty-first century to save the only grandchildren he’ll ever have?

Is it possible for two people living 250 years apart to have a second chance at love?


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